Dar-es-salaam city

Dar es Salaam city is the largest city in Tanzania and also across East Africa, Its ranked number 7 in Africa. Its mostly business town and the former capital city of Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is local word that means place of peace. It has a population of around 6,701,650 without taking in consideration the business community who spend less than a week in the city. It sits on a total land area of 1393 square kilometers. Dar es Salaam is located along the Indian Coast making it one of the largest hubs in the region. Its an icon for the economic growth of Tanzania since it is the economic center. Being a business center its inhabits different people from different destinations that come to do business, its estimated that the city harbors over 120 tribes.


History of Dar es salaam

The city started as fishing village in the shores of Indian Ocean in Zaramo village before it dramatically developed to one of the largest and important hub in Africa that serves the entire East African Region. Dar es Salaam was founded by the famous Sultan of Zanzibar in 1862 where he developed it from small fishing village to small port. In 1887 the port fall in luck when the German East Africa Company landed in the port and established simple station in the port. After establishing the station a railway line was constructed to connect the port to the interior of Tanzania. It served as capital city from 1891 to 1916 when Tanzania was still called Tanganyika, it continued as capital city till 1974 after the country was named Tanzania. In 1974 Dodoma was named as the capital city of Tanzania though official functioning of the city remained for some time. The transfer was under the leadership of the late Julius Nyerere, the transfers were officially completed by 1996. Till to date Dar es salaam remains a seat for most of the Tanzania government administrative center with most government offices still available.


The city has remained the central bureaucracy of the Government of Tanzania however much Dodoma is fully functioning capital city of Tanzania. The city is the heart of the Indian art and architecture that has unique fashions that are attributed to the colonial masters. The city is one of the most leading gate way of Tourists that come and exit Tanzania. Its business center as well as beach relaxing destination making it serve as multipurpose town. The city has the biggest international airport in Tanzania hence leading on arrivals and departures of tourists

Location of Dar es Salaam

The city is located along the Indian Ocean or the coastal region of East Africa. Its located on the South Eastern part of Tanzania covering 5 municipalities which are all administered by the municipal councils. The five municipalities include Kigamboni, Kinondoni, Ilala. Temeke and Ubungo

Ilala Municipality

This was the headquarters of the capital city when Dar es Salaam was still capital city of Tanzania. It harbors most of the government big offices and ministries before they were translocate to Dodoma. Its now business center where merchandise is sold as well as residential area.

Temeke Municipality

Temeke is one of the most famous municipalities in Dar es Salaam, it is occupied by low income people. It has industries like Azam industry for wheat. It’s a home of games with the biggest stadiums in Tanzania built here for example Uhuru Stadium, National Stadium, Azam Stadium and many more. The Saba-saba grounds is where the international exhibitions and trade fairs always take place. It’s a center of business and sport tourism in Dar es Salaam which is also easily combined with beach holidays.

Ubungo Municipality

This is habors the largest bus terminal in East Africa where over 28, 000 buses that do trips across the country. Some buses run across the country while others go outside the country. It’s the most developed and busy municipality.

Kinondoni municipality

This is the highly populated municipality with a population of about 1,775,049. They have the white sand beaches which are for leisure and recreation activities.

Kigamboni Municipality

This is the most famous tourism destination in Dar es Salaam that sometimes known as the South beach. Its an island that can be accessed only by ferry crossing though there is also a bridge that can be used by road transport to enter in to the municipality

Tourism in Dar es Salaam

The location of the city around the beach and near the famous National parks and game reserve like Selous, Ruaha national park and others has made the city a tourism hub. Their so many tourism activities that are done across the city. Tourism is the second foreign exchange earner in the country after industrialization. There are a lot of fresh white beaches that attract honeymooners and leisure related tourism activities. City tours and business tours are on high gear as the city architecture is unique from the colonial masters. The most visited beaches are Msasani beach, Cocoa Beach, Kijichi beach mention but a few.

City tours gives you to experience more cultural experience with over 120 tribes scattered allover the city. Other prominent and must visited destinations during your city tour in Dar es Salaam are: National Museum which is found at Posta, Village Museum, Former state house, st Joseph Cathedral, Azania front Lutheran Church, Mbudya Island and many more.

Accessing Dar es salaam

How ever much the city is far away from the main interior of Tanzania, its accessibility is very easy. The transport network is excellent with both road, Railway and air fully developed. The infrastructure is well built and maintained from the center of the country to diferent parts of the city. There are both public means with over 20 bus companies providing direct services from Arusha or Dodoma to Dar Es Salaam.

The colonialists and Arab traders also did great job to construct railway line that runs from the interior. This has reduced traffic congestion inside the town as well as easing the transport costs for bulky goods. The railway services are operated by Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) and the local services are provided by Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL). The railway services connect the city to the various towns across Tanzania and Africa.

Air transport

Dar es salaam has the largest international airport in Tanzania called Julius Nyerere international airport. It hosts both local and international airlines that operate across the world making the city easily accessed by travelers across the world.

Dar es Salaam remains one of the biggest and busiest city in Tanzania however much its no longer the capital city of Tanzania. Business and tourism is booming at the city which attracts more population to the city. Its one of the first growing destinations across the continent of Africa.